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Every attempt has been made herein to provide the reader with 100% correct informaton. Alas, I am not a doctor and even if I were, no human undertaking is without error. Information provided herein is not intended to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of Covid-19 or any other illness. By continuing to read, you acknowledge information provided herein is for entertainment purposes only. You agree to hold my endeavors and I harmless in the event of damages up to and including death arising from the use of any informaton contained herein. You agree to assume every statement of purported fact contained in this volume is false.

Covid-19 is an infectious disease of the respiratory system in humans.

Stay Informed

The best way to keep fear at bay is keep oneself informed. Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center provides, among other resources, a near real-time Covid-19 Interactive Map of the illness’ stats worldwide.

Online education platform Coursera offers the free class Science Matters: Let’s Talk About COVID-19 that comes with a certification.

Osmosis provides a Covid-19 general public fact sheet complete with checklists and videos.

The Covid-19 Experience

Wired has documented the experience of the Covid-19 infection from a number of different folks’ perspectives.

Covid-19 Originated in China

It is inexcusable (and just plain stupid) to use the fact that Covid-19 originated in China as any pretext for any acts or attitudes of racism or prejudice against Chinese people. Just like with the Irish or Germans, the Chinese diaspora is global. A Chinese person you meet may have never stepped foot in China. You are no more or less likely to be infected by a person from China than anyone else.

That said, this infection was made possible by the circumstances present in the exotic meat markets of east Asia. The consequences of this illness were exacerbated by the secretive of the Chinese government.