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The Drug Book

Drug prohibition is cultural genocide. While cannabis decriminalization sweeps the nation, the terrible drug war rages on, claiming more innocent victims. Shortly before I wrote this there was news of a baby horribly burnt when a percussion genade exploded in its crib. As horrible as it is already, it is made even worse because it's mostly noteworthy in that it happened in fresh, recent history as I begin writing this. It is merely a more recent tragedy in a very long series of atrocities committed purportedly in the name ridding society of a behavior that is probably older than society.

The story of drugs is the story of people, both individuals and groups. Investigating the physical effects of various substances on the body is fascinating and will be integral to studying their effects on the mind. I want to report not only on the history of many of the drugs people use and have used but on the subjective experiences that people claim to have while taking them. I want to discuss why people use drugs, what is being done and what could be done better about the problems that drug use and trafficking can cause, and why the most compassionate course society can take is to stop persecuting most drug users and drug dealers. No study of this topic could be complete wihout looking at both expressed and more hidden reasons for the legal status of various substances in countries throughout the world.

This is not a guide on how to procure, use, manufacture or transport any substance. While language is no doubt a very important part of culture, examination of drug-related street slang and code words will mostly be avoided as engaging is that activity would be laughably counterproductive to the purpose of such street slang and code talk. This volume is merely about the human story of drugs. I feel like Howard Zinn has inspired the perspective from which I want to tackle this. I want to tell the story of drugs from the perspective of people.

Ophthamologists can tell that someone is an habitual marijuana user.